Dear Brethren,

Please see the latest update below to our 2023 Reunion in Genoa, Italy held 6/7 October.

As a reminder, please see the buttons herein if you need a petition for the Scottish Rite Degrees or the petition for the Knights of St. Andrew (KSA). As always, there are no cost or fees to join the KSA, however, the optional regalia is $125 or 120€. 

Who are the Knights of St. Andrew and why should I join?

Formed in early 1993, the late, Ill. Weldon Good, 33° of the Valley of Tulsa, Oklahoma saw a need for assistance during reunions.  He also noticed that Masons were joining the Scottish Rite but not returning to help and participate in subsequent reunions.  To rectify this he developed the organization now known as the KNIGHTS OF ST. ANDREW as a service group for the Valley. In our case, the AMSRB-NATO Club. According to the original by-laws, the Knights of St. Andrew are a “Black Hat” group. A member who receives the honor of Knights Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH) “Red Hat,” can not hold an office or vote but they can continue to work and assist. The types of service performed include, assisting in reunions and Scottish Rite degree work, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries and ladies attending Scottish Rite functions, serving as guides, presenting of colors, and provide aid to any Scottish Rite event.

As a 32° “Black Hat,” there is no greater way to provide your support to the AMSRB-NATO Club and the Scottish Rite then by joining and volunteering as a Knights of St. Andrew.


Cameron J. Davis, 32°
Vice President
Scottish Rite, Valley of Washington
Orient of the District of Columbia


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