Valley of Washington, D.C.

Our Impact

The Rite Care Program

RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program (SRCLP) clinics provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as learning disabilities. There are SRCLP clinics, centers, and special programs operating or planned for children and therapists located throughout the United States.

Funding for the SRCLP is provided by the Scottish Rite Foundation, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Inc., and local Scottish Rite Foundations. The RiteCare Program is open to anyone, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.


In an effort to fulfill our call to advance human progress, the Scottish Rite Foundation offers a number of scholarship opportunities for young men and women to attend College or Vocational School.

These Scholarships are not necessarily for students with the highest grade point average but, are for students who show potential due to their leadership abilities, volunteer experience, participation in social, civic, religious, and Fraternal activities or whoever have overcome hardships or disabilities.

Disaster Relief

We are concerned with “suffering humanity” and have provided assistance to people and communities affected by disasters such as hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes. In recent years, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite has also provided relief to those affected by COVID 19, and those impacted by the fire devastation in Australia.