Greetings Brethren all,

On behalf of all the members of the AMSRB, and the Valley of Washington DC, I trust that you and your families will find this Festive Season to be one of strengthening friendships, family bonds, and generating goodwill to all. My grateful thanks for all that you do to support the Scottish Rite and continuing to be a “guiding light” to our communities and to the Craft.
We should especially take the time to look after our elderly brethren and widows and check on their well-being to assure they are safe and have enough food and supplies. Now is the time to be a calming voice for all our members and to demonstrate Brotherly Love and Relief.

In addition, take time to implore the Great Architect of the Universe to protect the members of our Armed Forces as they are protecting us, wherever in the world they may be serving as well as all our domestic First Responders, and our Brothers and Sisters all over the world. May He keep them safe and out of harm’s way so they can continue their important efforts and bring them home safely to their families and friends

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and above all an extremely Healthy New Year.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Ill Brother James E. Barrett, PGM, 33°
AMSRB, Personal Representative
Valley of Washington.
Orient of the District of Columbia

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